Growler on bench

If you have one of our original growlers and you have issues with the lid not sealing well, please contact us and we will set you up with one of our new Brew Lids. The Brew Lids will be available in the USA in mid November, and available in Canada in December.

Our new Brew Lids were developed based upon customer reviews that the original steel threaded lids were easy to cross-thread, and about 5-10% of the original lids leaked, or even popped off.

The new Brew Lid is a hybrid lid – only stainless steel touches your drink, but the threads are made of strong BPA-Free polypropylene. The new lids are smooth to open and close, and have a very strong seal.

If you have issues with the seal on your Original Model Yukon Growler, please contact us, and we will get you a new Brew Lid as soon as they are available!

New Brew Lid for Yukon Growlers

New Brew Lid for Yukon Growlers